Pig: Nicolas Cage is surprised by the excellent reviews of his latest film

In this feature film by Michael Sarnoski with an improbable synopsis, Cage plays a hermit-truffle hunter …

Nicolas cage stars in Michael Sarnoski’s new film, titled Pig, alongsideAlex wolff. In this feature film, he plays a hermit reclusive in the forest and a truffle hunter, accompanied by a somewhat surprising companion, since it is a pig, who helps him in his plant quest. But when her boyfriend disappears, things get tough.

Despite its rather surprising spitch, the film has so far had good feedback and rather positive reviews, according to the American site The Hollywood Reporter, which did not fail to amaze the 57-year-old actor. Indeed, in recent years, his films have not had such positive feedback, “It’s very nice to have an enthusiastic response. It’s a little surprising, but very pleasant”, he told the magazine, at the film’s Los Angeles premiere on July 13. The film even reached 97% positive reviews on the site. Rotten Tomatoes, dedicated to film critics. The actor even said how good a relationship he had with his co-star Alex Wolff, when the latter was no longer willing to pay attention to criticism. Cage told him: “You should watch this one, because it should surprise you.” The two actors share many scenes and working together was for Cage. “the best experience I have had: both professionally and personally.”

Nicolas Cage plays a truffle hunter in Pig [bande-annonce]

Pig may remind some of the movie John wick, with Keanu Reeves, in which the actor played a repentant former hitman, seized with hatred when his pup is murdered. But Cage, who seems to be continuing in the field of independent films, didn’t particularly see the link: “I couldn’t think of a film more removed from John Wick than Pig”. He added : “I don’t know if I’ll ever go back to the typical Jerry Bruckheimer shows, because I think there’s a cult of fear in the studios and it’s pretty stuffy. I don’t feel that when I’m doing an independent film. . “

What attracted Cage a lot to this film is the human-animal relationship, which can be emotional for more than one person. He commented on this supernatural friendship saying he understood “that deep bond that we could have with our animal brothers and sisters. I know that I rely a lot on my friendship with my cats and I haven’t seen a lot of movies on this subject, on these relationships between humans and their friends animals”.

We owe a lot to Cage for the success of this film. According to the crew, the actor arrived more determined than ever, already fully in his role as a bruised man, in search of solace in nature. The director said about his first role: “It’s crazy because it’s like people only realize now that ‘Nic’ is a really good actor, when I thought we all knew that for a long time. I know he does roles a bit. pompous sometimes, but he’s a great actor and always has been. I feel like a fool to give myself any credit, but I’m glad people recognize him in this movie. “

Pig will be released in French theaters soon.

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