Pitch Perfect: Sarah Hyland and Jameela Jamil join the spin-off series

Sarah Hyland and Jameela Jamil in the Pitch Perfect spin-off series

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The production of the series should start soon in Berlin. It will be mainly devoted to the character of Adam Devine.

Announced last September, the spin-off series on the universe of Pitch Perfect swells its ranks: in addition toAdam Devinewho will play Bumper and will be the hero of this production, the actresses Jameela Jamil (The Good Place), Sarah Hyland (Modern Family) and Lera Abova (Anna) join the cast.

They will embody the allies and enemies of Adam Devine, who therefore resumes his emblematic role of Bumper Allen for the series. Attempting to revive his own music career when one of his TikTok videos goes viral in Berlin, Bumper flies to the German capital alongside his sidekick Piëter Krämer. Pitch Perfect 2still embodied by Flula Borg. Having become an agent, Bumper is his only client, and he will do everything to create the new David Hasselhoff, or at least make him famous for German Unity Day. In this situation, Sarah Hyland will become Heidi, the American assistant of Piëter and Bumper. But she also dreams of a career as a songwriter, performing her own original songs at night in Berlin cabarets. Jameela Jamil will try to thwart their plans as Gisela, Piëter’s ex-girlfriend, Bumper’s main rival and new German pop star who is attracting attention. Finally, Lera Abova will be the sister of Piëter, alias DJ Das Boot.

The series is directed by Elizabeth Banksalready producer of the franchise of Pitch Perfect and director of the second film, will produce the series for Universal Television. Filming is due to start soon in Berlin.

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