Pixar presents its Monsters, Inc.: At work in the long trailer

Meet Tylor Tuskmon, idle budding monster from Monsters at Work.

After a first teaser mainly bringing back Bob and Sully (John Goodman and Billy Crystal in VO), as well as the horrible Gisèle, Monsters, Inc.: At work today delivers a long trailer which presents its new heroes and in particular Tylor Tuskmon. Fresh from Monsters University, promotion major, he was on the road to a glorious career of elite terror. Only here, in the wake of the events of Monsters, Inc., the city of Monstropolis is in the midst of an energy transition and is no longer fueled by the sound of cries but those of laughter. Tylor’s talents are now obsolete and he finds himself working the maintenance team of the factory.

Monsters at Work, of its original version, will begin on Wednesday July 2 on the Disney + platform.

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