Pixar Reveals Alternate Red Alert Intro

Pixar unveils alternate intro to Red Alert

“The longest fully animated cut scene in Pixar history,” animator Rob Denovan joked.

WhileRed alert will be released on DVD and blu-ray in early May, in France and the United States, Pixar has shared one of its bonuses: an alternate opening scene where Meilin and her mom Ming Lee have an appointment with a photographer to be immortalized as a duo. Do not count on the latter to respect the tradition, nor the requests of the photographer: she brought her own decoration and dressed her daughter in order to obtain her perfect photo!

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Why was this intro cut? Perhaps because she immediately showed Ming Lee as an overly strict mother, whereas in the final cut, her ambition to have a “perfect child” is illustrated by small touches, drop by drop, thus raising the pressure crescendo? We note in any case that this sequence is entirely animated, which means that it was removed from Domee Shi’s film when it was already very advanced. Aaron Hartline, animation supervisor on this project, retweeted the video, explaining: “This intro was hosted by Robb Denovan, who spent three months working on this scene before finding out that his cut had been approved. Being a professional, he simply remarked: ‘I am now the animator with the longest fully-animated deleted scene in Pixar history’. I’m glad all that hard work is now visible.”

Red alert is a big hit on Disney+, and its director was also promoted within Pixar Studios since its release. Its forthcoming release on blu-ray will allow you to learn more about its production.

Red Alert inspirations: Totoro, Sailor Moon, NSYNC, Fruits Basket, Goofy…

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