Plan Coeur will not have season 4 on Netflix, the actors have said goodbye

Plan Heart season 3

The series finale, online since Friday, is final.

Elsa, Charlotte and Emilie said their goodbyes. Season 3 of Heart Plan has been online on Netflix since January 1st and as announced by the streamer, the French series stops there and will not have a season 4. Warning for spoilers!

The final is also quite definitive. Taking place two years later, we find Elsa, who adopted a baby with Julio, while Charlotte became Mayor of the 9th arrondissement and Snowy remains the cornerstone of the gang. The original French production Netflix created by Noémie Saglio and Julien Teisseire can bow out.

“I would have liked to continue in the sense that we all get along really well with the actors, and we work well with the director, the team… But no, three seasons is not bad. ‘other projects, to be a little more free“, says actor Guillaume Labbé to our colleagues Belgian website Sud Info, confirming in passing that Heart Plan will not have season 4.

The filming of this final season took place last February, and ended with a great moment of emotion, like the tell Télé Star actor Marc Ruchmann: “We hugged … It was strange to think that we would not see each other again quickly. It is a page that is turned. Afterwards, we are used to the beginnings and ends of filming. This is how it is, it is life and it does not matter. We took advantage, we enjoyed it and we all became great friends so we know that we will meet again. “

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