Plus belle la vie replayed The Wire’s mythical “fuck scene”

The Wire vs Plus belle la vie
HBO/France 3

From Baltimore to Marseilles…

We had let go a little More beautiful life, the indestructible fiction of France 3 which displays nearly 4500 episodes on the clock. So much so that we almost missed out on this nugget, broadcast last Friday on the channel. Luckily, a vigilant netizen spotted the footage and shared it on Twitter. Here, PBLV gave a big nod to TheWire, and we had to let you know.

It is precisely the mythical “fuck scene”, well known to fans of David Simon’s show, which has therefore been taken over by the French series. With Jean-Paul (Stéphan Henon) and Ariane (Lola Marois) instead of McNulty and Bunk. As a reminder, the so-called “fuck scene” shows us the two inspectors combing through a crime scene, with only a string of “fuck” dialogues punctuating their observations.

The version More beautiful life, with “whores” instead of “fuck”, is at see replay on the France TV website (from 3 mins). The original is on YouTube:

Asked on Twitter, screenwriter Pauline Rocafull confirmed the tribute, explaining that the idea came from the sequencer team. We are now waiting for PBLV takes over a cult scene from Soprano

The Wire: the underside of the mythical “fuck scene”

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