Pokemon, Detective Pikachu: a solid and nostalgic dark comedy [Critique]

The most colorful creatures in the universe are the stars of a rather clever black comedy which ends up seducing by its mix of genres. Detective Pikachu? Pokemon, GO!

First unencrypted broadcast for Pokemon Detective Pikachu, tonight on TF1. A film to (re) see with the family. Note that this broadcast will be followed byanother unpublished: Godzilla II King of the Monsters.

Obviously. At a time when franchises reign in Hollywood, where studios have fun launching films as soon as a hit app or a cartoon eats away at children’s heads, this one had to happen: Pikachu arrives in a feature film. So you might as well immediately reassure the worried. You won’t need to have a drawer full of poke balls or even have seen the 22 (TWENTY-TWO!) Previous Pokemon movies to have some fun in this funny dark comedy hosted by Ryan Reynolds.

Detective Pikachu: the dark and distant origins of the final twist

Spoiler alert: Detective Pikachu has been associated with the words “pleasure” and “black comedy” and Ryan Reynolds.

Directed by Rob Letterman, the filmmaker of Shark gang and of Goosebumps, Pokemon Detective Pikachu is based on the eponymous video game and tells how the world’s most famous yellow plush toy (here voiced by Ryan Reynolds) teams up with young Tom Goodman (Justice smith) and goes to investigate the disappearance of the kid’s father. Their quest unfolds in the arcana of Ryme City, a city where men and Pokemon side by side in a harmonious incomprehension and takes them on the tracks of a strange evil plot. Spielberg is not far (the absent dad, the Amblin feeling of mixing genres), Blade runner either (the neo-noir vibe quite successful) and the film works both as a good buddy movie and as a totally unbridled sci-fi comedy. Spectators familiar with the Pokemon universe will be in heaven: from the appearance of Cubone to the sets of Ryme City, through the gesticulations of Ludicolo or the tongue prints of Lickitung… the fan service is properly done. For others: imagine a projection of Roger rabbit on acid or after taking a little too much supergrass and you will understand.

If we wanted to play movie critics, we might regret that the last part is getting back on track and losing some of its innocent charm. Because that’s basically the trump card of this Pokemon movie. Until the final parade, PDP, unlike most of the licensed products Hollywood bursts with bombshell, manages to sidestep all cynicism and turns out to be genuinely funny and enjoyable, improbable even, multiplying nostalgic winks and seeming to be amazed at the miracle taking place. to occur.

The trailer for Pokémon, Detective Pikachu:

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