Polisse: Maïwenn defended by the director of the documentary which inspired her film

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A scene from the film Polisse, to be seen again tonight on TFX, is a copy-paste of a sequence from the cult France 3 show, Strip-Tease.

polishes, plagiarism or not plagiarism? For John Liboncreator of the show Striptease on France 3, it is clear that the director Maiwenn copied verbatim a sequence broadcast on his show. The episode in question, titled My little darling, shows the confrontation between a little girl and her grandfather who abused her. But faced with the emerging controversy, in September 2012, Maïwenn was able to count on the support of Remi Laineincluding the documentary Brigade of minors, Love in Sufferinga 90-minute co-produced in 1998, with Christine Francoisfor France 3, inspired… Striptease. It is in fact by recovering rushes from this documentary that the producers of Striptease did My little darling. woolen and Striptease then had the same production.

Cannes 2011: Polisse, the “first slap of the festival”

Remi Laine thus explained in the New Obs : “She (Maiwenn) was inspired by my work but she doesn’t hide it. I am quoted in the credits. Some kind of venom has spread because it’s controversial.” He adds : “The screenwriters, for lack of imagination, stick more and more to reality: watch the film on Outreau, Untouchables, The straight line of Regis Wargnier. The doc is the poor relation of cinema. Sometimes it is plundered, sometimes it is sublimated. Maïwen had the merit of buying the rights when most directors who exploit this new genre of fiction often do not have this honesty. It transcends a reality I witnessed.”

The director was indeed acclaimed for this drama telling the daily life of the police officers of the BPM (Brigade for the Protection of Minors). polishes notably received the Jury Prize at the Cannes Film Festival in 2011.

JoeyStarr – Polisse: “I’m just starting to feel like an actress!”

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