Prehistoric Planet: a teaser and a date for the Apple TV+ documentary produced by Jon Favreau

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Prehistoric Planet

A 5-part event series on the end of the dinosaurs, with Hans Zimmer on music and David Attenborough on narration.

In the wake of his historic Oscar for best film, won with CODAApple reveals the first images of Prehistoric Planethis documentary event which will take us back 66 million years, to the time of the last dinosaurs.

This series in 5 episodes will be broadcast on Apple TV+ from May 23 to 27, at the rate of one episode per day. And the streaming service has pulled out all the stops to concoct a luxury animal documentary for us by recruiting the team of planet earth : BBC Studios Natural History Unit, in production, and the legendary sir David Attenborough (actor Richard Attenborough’s brother) on narration.

As a bonus, it’s Hans Zimmer (who had worked on Planet Earth II) who signs the music, while Jon Favreau is one of the executive producers. The special effects are also produced by the company MPC, with whom Favreau had worked on the live action remakes of Lion King and jungle book.

A first teaser, as well as a preview, have been unveiled by Apple V+:

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