Première Cinéma Club: Mathieu Kassovitz presents La Haine on video

First Cinema Club La Haine
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To celebrate the film’s 20th anniversary, Mathieu Kassovitz and Christophe Rossignon answered Première’s questions.

Update of October 1, 2021: La Haine will return to Arte this evening. We take a look back at the cult film broadcast as part of the Première Cinéma Club, in the company of Mathieu Kassovitz and producer Christophe Rossignon.

January 15, 2016: First organizes each month, in partnership with the cinema Les Fauvettes in Paris, the screening of a film which made the cover of the magazine when it was released and has since become cult. On December 15, 2015, the director Mathieu Kassovitz and the producer Christophe Rossignon thus presented Hate in two cinemas in the capital, and answered questions from Gaël Golhen, editor-in-chief of the magazine. Here is the video:

The musical La Haine will arrive in 2022

20 years after its release, the duo obviously returned to the success of the film at the time, and especially the impact it has had since: “Hate will stay a long time for the social work behind it, thus analyze Mathieu Kassovitz. (…) There are few French films that tap into these subjects “.” And he has aged very well, too, adds Rossignon. It has passed through the ages, the generations. ”“ The film is solid, because it is super-coherent, it is difficult to dismantle, concludes the director on this subject. And black and white helped “.


Known for his outspokenness, the director has also issued some criticism. Notably against the cover published by First in 1995, just before the Cannes film festival: “We had to take a group photo, not just of me!” He also spoke of his regrets, first in the tone of humor : “I should have done La Haine 2, La Haine 3… What would we have done for each other!”. More seriously, Christophe Rossignon admits to being disappointed that Hate was not nominated for an Oscar for best foreign film, while Jodie foster in person defended it in the United States. “Do you know which film was offered by the CNC at the time?, asks the producer to the audience. Cursed Grass “.” It’s not that the movie is better, the director gets carried away, but La Haine has a real reason to represent France. (…) Finally, there is no regrets to be had. We were very, very, very lucky. People have a very intimate relationship with our film “.

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La Haine trailer:

Mathieu Kassovitz: “I’m going to stop cinema because I can never do better than La Haine”

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