Première’s 2020 gift guide

Christmas gift guide 2020
Eurozoom / Wild Side / L’Atalante / Léha / Paramount

Under the tree: the Marx Brothers, Dune, Sean Connery, Japanese classics … Everything for a cinephile Christmas.

We know that this Christmas 2020 does not look like the others, but that does not prevent (oneself) from making gifts. Looking for last minute inspiration, or if you want to indulge yourself, you’ve come to the right place.

The Man Who Wished To Be King (1975)
Wild side

The man who wanted to be king

If there was only one John Huston to be kept, it might be this one. Portrait of two soldiers of the British Empire who set out to reign over a lost land, The man who wanted to be king is the chronicle of a disaster foretold, the story of a utopia shattered against the wall of vanity . Associated for the first time, Sean Connery and Michael Caine form an unforgettable duo of irresistible losers, funny and pathetic. The limited collector’s box set offered by Wild Side is up to this masterpiece: fabulous.
Limited DVD / Blu-ray Edition (Wild Side Video)

The Marx Borthers by themselves
Robert Laffont

The Marx Brothers by themselves

They are the big scoundrels of the screen: on the verge of talking, the Marx Brothers outdated the masters of silent burlesque in a handful of curved comedies where their sense of repartee and rhythm sparked. In life, Groucho, Harpo and Chico were more or less the same as this wonderful alphabet confirms us, based on the writings of the first two and their relatives compiled by the Marxian emeritus Chantal Knecht.
Robert Laffont “Books”, 30 €

It's almost the same
Omake Books

It’s almost the same !

Worthy heir to the classics Ze Craignos Monsters and Nanarland, Claude Gaillard signs a funny compilation of plagiarism films, classified by categories (the pumping of Police Academy, ofAlien, ofAND, even Paranormal Activity and Twilight…) and insisting on the visual aspect of plagiarism. Informative and often cheerful, animated by a certain schoolboy spirit which is perfectly suited to his subject. The detail that kills: the preface is signed by a certain James Cameroon.
Claude Gaillard, Omaké Books, € 19.90

Dune the mook
L’Atalante / Léha

Dune, the mook
In our selection of essential books devoted to Dune all published to celebrate the release of Denis Villeneuve’s film (postponed to October 2021, both in theaters and in streaming, to the chagrin of its director), we will remember Dune, the mook, transversal exploration of the universe of Frank Herbert through all its forms. BD, music, games, drawings, TV series, movies of course … With an interview excluded from Villeneuve. A work with the dimensions of Arrakis: more than planetary, galactic.
L’Atalante / Leha, € 22.50

Taisho Trilogy

Seijun Suzuki Taisho Trilogy

Wong Kar-wai went to find the unforgettable music of In the Mood for Love in Yumeji, the second film in Seijuin Suzuki’s informal and surreal testamentary trilogy. Gypsy melody, Yumeji and Heat mists, among the last works of the director of The Killer’s Mark, are finally published in France in a superb blu-ray box allowing to discover three maddening films of freedom and madness of cinema.
Eurozoom, € 59.99

Chabrol box

Claude Chabrol box set: feminine suspense

In the last decade of the twentieth century, the iconoclast and fanafaron Chabrol signed formidable films of inventiveness and darkness that this box set replaces at the center of the game. It must be said that “Chacha”, in a deceptively casual gesture, seemed sometimes taking each of his films for appetizers. And yet Hell is a relentless paranoid thriller, Merci pour le chocolat, a crazy and psychoanalytic gesture, The Ceremony, an authentic masterpiece or even, Rien ne va plus, a pure surrealist comedy … the Chabrol soldier of the 90’s.

Tarantino Reservoir Films
Omake Books

Tarantino Reservoir Films, by Philippe Lombard

A must for fetishist tarantinophiles (yes, it’s a pleonasm): the author Philippe Lombard made the bet to compile in a book all the films and series that inspired Quentin Tarantino. There are references known to all (Keeping to himself, Battle royale, The Game of Death, Django…) and others much more specialized, offering the opportunity to transform this book into a cinephile quiz: what is Maria de Medeiros watching on TV in pulp Fiction ? What relation between Jackass – the movie and Kill Bill vol. 2 ? In homage to which film of Don Siegel the screenplay ofOne night in hell Did he specify that the Gecko brothers had to drive a 1975 Plymouth? The book, richly illustrated and embellished with QR codes allowing you to see the trailers of the works cited, is transformed over the pages into a stroll through the QT cinéphage museum.
Omake Books

The Godfather, epilogue: The Death of Michael Corleone

The Death of Michael Corleone: the new Godfather 3 cut changes the meaning of the film [critique]

The Godfather, epilogue: The Death of Michael Corleone

After Apocalypse Now, around Godfather 3 to undergo the “redux” treatment. The Death of Michael Corleone, in addition to bearing the title that Francis Ford Coppola would have liked to give it in 1990, is a new montage of the last part of the Corleone saga. The cuts operated there are surgical, but nonetheless change the meaning of the film and thus offer a fascinating testimony to the look that Coppola has today on the flagship creation of his career. To reserve, therefore, for the staunch “coppoliens” and the hardcore fans of the trilogy of Godfather. There is bound to be one in your family …
On DVD and Blu-ray (Paramount)

Plogoff, stones against guns
The Mutineers of Pangea

Plogoff, stones against guns

Plogoff is a small town located at the southern tip of Brittany. It was there, in February 1980, that the population of Cape Sizun gathered, who refused to install a nuclear power station close to Pointe du Raz. The French anti-nuclear fight has just found an incarnation. Six weeks of daily struggles, led by the women, children and fishermen of Finistère, organized by a mass eager to preserve at the same time its soul, its traditions, its ecosystem and its health. Six weeks of drama and joy, violence and tenderness which were captured by Nicole Le Garrec’s camera. This beautiful documentary finally shows a living, joyful and united social body, facing a centralizing and police state. Its re-released on DVD (in a terrific edition complete with a fascinating booklet) could not have come at a better time.
On DVD (Les Mutins de Pangée)

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