Presidents: Nicolas Sarkozy and François Hollande have lunch in the countryside [extrait]

Jean Dujardin and Grégory Gadebois play the former heads of state in this film by Anne Fontaine.

First extract for Presidents, Anne Fontaine’s comedy where Jean Dujardin and Grégory Gadebois play Nicolas Sarkozy and François Hollande respectively. In this scene, the two former heads of state sharing a lunch in Corrèze with their companions. The discussion starts quickly on the left and the right …

Here is the official synopsis: “Nicolas, a former President of the Republic, finds it hard to endure the end of his political life. The circumstances allow him to hope for a return to the front of the stage. But he needs an ally. Nicolas will therefore leave for Corrèze, to convince François, another former President (who himself is enjoying a happy retirement in the countryside) to team up with him. François pricks himself in the game, while Nicolas discovers that happiness may not be where he thought … And their respective companions, they will soon join in.

In the cast, in addition to Jean Dujardin and Grégory Gadebois, we will also find Doria Tillier, Pascale Arbillot, Jean-Charles Clichet, Pierre Lottin, Jean-Michel Lahmi and Roxane Bret.

Presidents will be released on June 30 at the cinema.

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