Prey: First Predator teaser among the Comanches

The action of this prequel directed by Dan Trachtenberg (10 Cloverfield Lane) takes place in 1719.

Last November, we discovered the first picture of Preythe prequel to predator. John McTiernan’s cult film worn by Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1987 has had several more or less successful sequels over time: the latest, The Predator (2018), was directed by Shane Black (Iron Man 3) and if the film did not lack humor, it was too crazy to fully convince (our review is to be read here). However, Prey could manage to surprise fans of the saga by proposing a few changes: this time, it will be a prequel, taking place 300 years ago within a Comanche tribe. The movie of Dan Trachtenberg (director of the effective thriller 10 Cloverfield Lane), who co-wrote the screenplay with Patrick Aison (the series Jack Ryan) will be set precisely in 1719 and will follow Amber Midthunder (Legion), a resourceful young Native American who is ready to defend herself when her path crosses that of a hunter from another planet. This first teaser sets the tone:

In the USA, Prey will be broadcast in August on Hulu, and in France, it is on Disney+ that we should discover this film also worn by Dane DiLiegro (American Horror Stories), Stefany Mathias (Longmire) and revelation Dakota Beavers. Here’s how producer John Davis previously presented this project in the press:Prey will return to what made the predator original worked so well. It is the ingenuity of a human who never gives up, who is able to observe and deduce interpretations, and who can thus succeed in defeating a force more powerful and much better armed than him.

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