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Prisoners of the Ghostland

After his granddaughter goes missing in a supernatural world called “Ghostland”, a Governor releases a prisoner to search for her. If he fails to bring her back within five days, the explosives placed on his suit (including the crotch…) will pulverize him. Such is the crazy pitch concocted by the Japanese director Sion Sono who offers Nicolas Cage a new role on the border of the nanar. Notice to amateurs.

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20 years later Insha’Allah Sunday, Yamina Benguigui returns to Algeria to tell the story of three sisters (Maiwenn, Isabelle Adjani and Rachida Brakni) who have gone to the bedside of their dying father who must reveal to them the whereabouts of their brother whom they have not seen for thirty years . A complicated quest in a country in turmoil where they will have to face the ghosts of their past.

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My mother is a gorilla (and then?)

Adaptation of a novel for young people by Frida Nilsson, this animated film from Sweden is aimed at the little ones, but don’t take it low: it’s a charming discovery. Its minimalist design is perfectly suited to this little story of the adoption of a little girl by a second-hand gorilla. This recomposed micro family must face all sorts of conventions, economic, cultural and narrative. My mother is a gorilla (so what?) tells more interesting (and moving) things in 70 short minutes than many large animated machines. If we didn’t hate this expression so much, we would say that it is a very good lesson in life – or, at least, in storytelling.

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The Fight Rules

Never Back Down: Uprising

Little sister


A Good Man

Hail Satan?

The Replacement

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