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The pact

The last film of the duo Agnès Jaoui and Jean-Pierre Bacri arrives in the clear on television.

A few months after the disappearance of the actor, France 2 will broadcast at the end of the weekend Public place, the last film co-written by Agnès Jaoui and Jean-Pierre Bacri, and directed by the premiere. Here is the review of Première, published when it was released in spring 2018.

Sam Karmann pays tribute to his “brother” Jean-Pierre Bacri

They say it themselves: each of their films is a variation on the theme of the right of the strongest. And according to Agnès Jaoui and Jean-Pierre Bacri, after years of unequal struggle marked by triumphant liberalism, it was the cynics who won out over the humanists. To my right, Bacri as an old TV host who clings to his post; to my left, Jaoui as a respectable third-world lobbyist at the end of his penny (ffle). As usual, the duo have given themselves violently antagonistic but complementary roles. Exes (like them in life) confronted with the filthy writings of their novelist daughter whose story does not say whether she is fundamentally ungrateful or simply opportunistic – a bit of both, surely, people are gray at JaBac. This pretty world meets at a party organized in his country house by the producer (Léa Drucker) de Castro (Bacri), which gives the opportunity to our acerbic columnists to put in the same bag pedantic Parisian and vindictive provincial , wanker youtubers and undrinkable TV stars. They do it with obvious greed, and even with a ferocity that recalls the heyday of Italian comedy, as evidenced by the outcome, of perfect amorality. This is what makes the difference in fine Public place the nicest man Sense of celebration to which he will not fail to be compared because of Bacri and the unity of place and time at work in the two films.

The trailer for Public place :

Agnès Jaoui and Jean-Pierre Bacri almost adapted Asterix

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