Punky Brewster’s comeback didn’t last long

Punky brewster

The new series, a sequel to the 1980s classic, only lasted one season.

Punky brewster no longer has the ardor of its ten years! While the cult sitcom lasted four seasons and 88 episodes, between 1984 and 1988, the new series did not last as long.

Soleil Moon Frye confirms on the networks that the return of Punky brewster has just been canceled by the American streaming platform Peacock. Launched in February, the new series will not have a season 2. It featured Punky, now an adult, now a divorced mother of three, juggling her feelings for her ex-husband Travis (Freddie Prinze Jr.) while taking under her wing an underprivileged girl, in whom she obviously recognized herself.

Punky brewster was a touching series, which approached meaningful storylines with so much heart. It was a bright light for so many viewers and we are eternally grateful to Universal Studio Group, producers, cast and crew and especially to Soleil Moon Frye for rekindling the Punky Power in all of us“, comments NBCUniversal soberly, without giving any specific reason for this cancellation, probably due to a general lack of enthusiasm.

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