Q is gay in Dying can wait: Ben Whishaw is a little disappointed by this short scene

Reading the script, the actor said to himself, “Are we really going to show this, and then not do anything with it at all?”

Whereas Dying can wait will be released on DVD and blu-ray on February 16, one of its actors, Ben Whishaw, returns to a scene where viewers discover that his character, Q, is gay. James Bond (Daniel Craig) arrives at his apartment to help him in his mission, and the latter is in the middle of preparing a romantic dinner. He then explains that he is expecting a man. A sequence that was criticized by some viewers, judging that this line was short enough to be cut in countries where references to homosexuality are censored. Under cover of being more inclusive, the studio would have shown the bare minimum to the public, without really taking any risk?

Interviewed by The Guardian, the 41-year-old comedian, who has never hidden his homosexuality, understands these remarks and admits that he himself was disappointed when he read the script for the blockbuster and discovered that this scene was so short. He adds, however, that he doesn’t think this is a cynical move on the production’s part: “I’m interested in those questions, and I admit that some things weren’t great about that decision. Reading the script, I think I thought: ‘Are we really going to show this and then do nothing at all?’ I remember finding it unsatisfying. But I don’t know why, I didn’t tell anyone about it on the film. Maybe I would have done it on another kind of project? There, it was a big machine. I often wondered if I should question this scene. In the end, I didn’t. I accepted the fact that it was written like that. I said these lines. And that’s it, that’s how it is. Anyway, I didn’t feel it was forced by the studio. I didn’t get that impression. I believe it was with good intentions.”

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The story of Dying can wait : James Bond has left the secret service and is living happy days in Jamaica. But his tranquility is short-lived as his old friend Felix Leiter from the CIA arrives to ask for his help in rescuing a scientist who has just been kidnapped. But the mission turns out to be much more dangerous than expected and Bond finds himself on the heels of a mysterious enemy holding formidable technological weapons…

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