Quantum Code in mourning: Dean Stockwell, aka Al, is dead

Quantum Code Dean Stockwell

The two-time Cannes-winning actor, Oscar nominated for Widow but not too much, was also in Dune and in Paris, Texas by Wim Wenders. He was 85 years old.

He made his last jump. Unforgettable actor of the series Quantum code, in which he played Al, guiding Sam Beckett through his “reincarnations”, Dean stockwell died on November 7th. He died peacefully at home of natural causes, family comments for the Deadline site. He was 85 years old.

Stockwell will go down in the history of the big and the small screen, in particular for his role in the sci-fi television series, which marked the beginning of the 1990s for 5 seasons. He played Admiral Al Calavicci, tapping on his odd device to communicate with Ziggy and aid Sam in his improbable space-time missions. A role that allowed him to win four nominations at the Emmy Awards!

His comrade at the time, Scott Bakula, 67, and recently star of the series NCIS: New Orleans, has not yet reacted to his disappearance.

Corn Dean stockwell, it was not that Quantum code. From the age of 7, he was on Broadway, launching a career as a child actor and at the time crossing Frank Sinatra and Gene Kelly, or Errol Flynn. At the movies he is revealed in The Boy with Green Hair (1948) then won in the early 1960s by winning two Interpretation Awards at the Cannes Film Festival for The Genius of Evil (1959), shared with Bradford Dillman and Orson Welles, then for Long journey into the night (1962) shared with Jason Robards and Ralph Richardson.

After crossing the desert, Dean stockwell was about to change careers and become a real estate agent when he received a phone call from Harry Dean Stanton, which convinced him to join him on the set of the Wim Wenders movie, Paris, Texas, at the start of the 1980s. This allowed him to subsequently land roles in Blue Velvet, Dune, but especially in Widow but not too much (1988), who offered to Dean stockwell an Oscar nomination.

Dean stockwell had retired from acting in 2015, but had since pursued a career change, making art and exhibiting in the United States under his full name: Robert Dean Stockwell.

He leaves behind his wife, Joy Stockwell, and their two children, Austin Stockwell and Sophie Stockwell.

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