Quentin Tarantino assumes his Bruce Lee from Once Upon a Time in Hollywood: “Fuck you!”

The director protests against criticism and maintains that “Bruce had no respect for stuntmen.”

Criticized for the portrait he made of Bruce lee in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Quentin Tarantino Do not go all the way to answer his detractors. Describing the star of the martial arts film (played by Mike Moh) as an arrogant figure, he had knocked his daughter, Shannon Lee, off its hinges at the time of the theatrical release.

“I can understand her daughter having a problem with this. He’s her fucking dad, okay, I get it. For everyone else: Fuck you!” he launched during the Podcast of Joe rogan (via Variety) the last days.

The book from his 2019 feature film goes even further in exploring the scene in which Bruce lee confronts his stuntman, Cliff, on the set of the green Hornet. According to Tarantino, he is “obvious that Cliff tricked him “ to win the fight.

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He details his analysis of the scene: “Cliff gives Bruce no resistance and Bruce hits Cliff on the ass. There are four different ways Bruce could have come to him the second time around, and Cliff couldn’t have defended himself. But most of the time, if one guy has a particular move and it looks like the other guy is a big mouth who can’t defend himself, he does the first move a second time. But now Cliff knows what it is. ‘Prepare for it and throw Bruce in the car. He just tricked him. Bruce realizes he’s been tricked. “

Quentin Tarantino goes further and ensures that the stuntmen hated Bruce lee on the set of the green Hornet, citing Matthew Polly’s book as a reference. “Bruce had no respect for stuntmen. He always hit them with his feet, he always marked them – it’s called scoring when you hit a stuntman for real. And he always marked them with his feet, he marked them. always with his fist. We even reached a point where people refused to work with him. “

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