Quentin Tarantino confirms all his movies are related

Better, the heroes of Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction (tonight on TMC) were able to see Kill Bill at the movies.

Quentin Tarantino winks at his films in his films. Some are very famous, like the family link between Vic Vega (Michael madsen) of Reservoir Dogs and Vincent Vega (John Travolta) from pulp Fiction. Others are harder to notice, like the one he did To Inglourious Basterds in The 8 Bitches.

It is precisely within the framework of the promotion of this western that the scenario writer revealed during the Australian emission The Project TV aired in January 2016 that all of his films were linked. He even went further by detailing that they existed in two temporalities: “the real world and the world of cinema”. Explanations.

“My films are divided into two universes. There is the ‘real’ one, that is to say the one where my characters live. And there is the world of films. For example, A Night in Hell (which he wrote and in which he plays, but which is directed by his friend Robert rodriguez, editor’s note) and Kill Bill are fictional universes. Which means that basically, when the characters from Reservoir Dogs or Pulp Fiction go to a movie, they’ll see A Night in Hell or Kill Bill “.

It’s even a little more twisted than that. In pulp Fiction, released in 1994, and back tonight on TMC, Mia Wallace (Uma Thurman) explains having auditioned for the fictitious production Fox force five and she describes five female characters. Four correspond to his opponents of Kill Bill (on screens in 2003) and the last one is quite simply his own future role:

Pulp Fiction / Kill Bill

This means that long before making his films, his creator already knows in which “universe” it will be located “real” where the “fictitious”. and that in the case of Kill Bill, he had precisely in mind the main characteristics of his heroines a decade before directing it.

Trailer of pulp Fiction, which will return to television this evening:

How exactly are Quentin Tarantino’s films related?

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