Quentin Tarantino would do a new Rambo with Adam Driver

Not a remake, beware: a new adaptation of the novel First Blood.

Quentin Tarantino is currently making the rounds of the American media to promote the novelization of Once upon a time… in Hollywood (which will be released at the end of August in France) and spends, as usual, a lot of time speculating on what films it might or might not make in the future.

Podcast guest The Big Picture, the director of pulp Fiction brought up an idea for a feature film that will probably never come to fruition, but which is seriously salivating: a new adaptation of First Blood, by David Morrell, a novel published in 1972 and which inspired the mythical Rambo, by Ted Kotcheff, in 1982. And who would Tarantino see in the skin of former green beret John Rambo, instead of Sylvester Stallone? Adam Driver! Or more precisely “the type of Girls “, as QT calls it.

Adam Driver has come a long way since then Girls, the series that revealed him to the world (and to Tarantino, therefore) and built a concrete CV that saw him go on, between two episodes of Star wars, films edited by Jim Jarmusch, Spike Lee, Martin Scorsese, Terry Gilliam, Noah Baumbach, the Coen brothers, Steven Soderbergh, Leos Carax and Ridley Scott, twice in a row, for two films that will be two mega events of autumn cine: The Last Duel and House of Gucci.

Adam Driver in Rambo? The idea has the mouth. And the actor has in any case the build: we were able to admire recently the musculature of the former soldier (Driver had joined the Marines the day after September 11) in Annette and an ad for the Burberry perfume of which he is the muse. To play him back as Sheriff Teasle, originally played by Brian Dennehy, Tarantino would hire Kurt Russell.

Rambo: Last Blood, a bloody new epilogue for Stallone

Turn this again Rambo would be for Tarantino the opportunity to simply make a “good movie“, in opposition to an author’s film, as he explained, taking for example the attitude of David O. Russell when he made Fighter, his boxing movie with Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale:

“When David O. Russell was talking about doing Fighter, he did not pose as an author, explains Tarantino. He was just saying he wanted to make a good movie that people were going to enjoy watching. There was something really refreshing to hear him say that. If I just wanted to make a good movie, to make sure it’s really good, I would adapt First Blood, by David Morrell. Not the movie Rambo, but the novel. (…) Every time I read it, I find the dialogues so fantastic that I read them aloud. It would be so good.

All this will of course remain in the state of fantasy, Tarantino being now focused on the idea of ​​ending his career with a tenth and final film, a final bouquet that cannot be satisfied with being a “good movie” to the Fighter – “i want to do more than that“, specified the director. We would still have liked to see this Rambo with Adam Driver – perhaps he exists, by the way, in one of the uchronias dear to QT.

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