Quiz: The Incredible True Story of Cheating in Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?


The three-part mini-series will be broadcast tonight on TF1.

The enormous Matthew Macfadyen of Succession this evening plays Major Charles Ingram, fallen hero of Quiz, a British mini-series that tells us about the biggest cheating case on English TV, in the height of the show’s heyday Who Wants to Be a Millionaire ? A totally improbable true story.

That of Charles Ingram and his wife, Diana Ingram, married with three children, who were convicted of attempting to steal a million pounds in the ITV game show, with the help of an “accomplice” Tecwen Whittock .

Before the Major appeared on the show, his wife Diana and brother Adrian Pollock had both been in the chair of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?, winning £ 32,000 each. But Charles had every intention of hitting the jackpot. What he manages to do. But first suspicions arose during filming after a loud coughing member of the audience was heard, as the correct answers were cited by the contestant. after reviewing the tapes and every coughing sound, Ingram was charged with cheating, along with his wife, Diana, and their accomplice.

They never hit the million. And justice has even been there. The couple were given an 18-month suspended prison sentence, as well as a fine of £ 15,000 each and £ 10,000. Whittock was given a 12 month suspended sentence and fined £ 10,000. Even today, all three deny having orchestrated any cheating.

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