Quiz: these actors played in the MCU… do you remember them?

Indeed, Mads Mikkelsen went well through the MCU, 6 years ago. And all those too! We’re testing your Marvel memory!

While the Multiverse of Madness just released at the cinema, TF1 is rebroadcasting tonight Doctor Strangewith Mads Mikkelsen at the casting. Yes, the Danish actor of Dumbledore’s Secretswhich is currently at the top of the box office with Fantastic Beasts 3went to Marvel six years ago.

You have certainly forgotten it, but the star of Drunk did play an MCU villain opposite Benedict Cumberbacht. It must be said that over its 28 opuses, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has seen a lot of people pass by. And we’re willing to bet you don’t remember every face crossed in the franchise. We challenge you with this little quiz in 10 questions (below):

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