Rachel Zegler will finally be at the Oscars… to present an award

Rachel ZeglerWest Side Story

Currently filming Snow White in London, her schedule will be changed so that she can go to the ceremony this weekend.

Start of the week, Rachel Zegler revealed on social media that she will be watching the Oscars from home because she had not been invited by Disney to participate in the ceremony. Responding to a fan, she wrote: “I’ve tried everything, but it doesn’t seem to be able to be done. I’ll be supporting West Side Story from my couch and being proud of the tireless work we did 3 years ago. I hope a last minute miracle happens and I can celebrate our movie in person… But hey, sometimes that’s how it goes I guess. Thank you for your astonishment and indignation. I’m disappointed too, but that’s okay. So proud of our film.

A shame for the young actress of 20 years, revealed by West Side Storyby Steven Spielberg, who is rightly nominated in the category “best film” (among others). His future absence caused a reaction, even if contractually, a studio has no obligation to send invitations to all the actors of a work nominated for the main Oscar, only to those who are specifically in the running for a statuette, which is not the case with Rachel. However, this is not the case for Tony Hawk either, yet the skate champion was invited… He also had fun on Twitter with this curious choice of the Academy, considering with irony that ‘after appearing in films such as Jackasshe deserved an invitation to the Oscars! “If the fact of appearing in all the films Jackassin xXx, Police Academy 4 and Sharknado 5 does not make me qualified to run for the Oscars, your taste in films should be reviewed”he writes before specifying, more seriously: “I’ll give an award, by the way.”

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The Hollywood Reporter returns to this whole affair by specifying that Disney has since made sure that Rachel Zegler is present at the Oscars, in order to present a prize. Currently shooting a new version of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in live action, the actress is in London, but “her schedule is going to be changed so that she can be released for the Oscars.” In December, the interested party tweeted on this subject : “God, guys!! I appreciate your support, really, it means a lot to me. We live in an unprecedented time where so much behind the scenes stuff to make a magic movie comes to light. Like the wonderful project I’m shooting right now. It’s working for film productions, but also for award shows. Let’s respect the process, and I’ll pick up my phone.” We now know that the “process” will allow a happy outcome for the actress, who will therefore participate in the 94th Academy Awards, on the night of Sunday to Monday.

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