Ravonna Renslayer will be back in season 2 of Loki

Ravenna Loki

“I know there’s a season 2…I know I’m in…and that’s all I can say!”

Part of the VAT to search for the “free will”the character of Ravonna Renslayer played by Gugu Mbatha Rawleft his future up in the air in the first season of Loki. But in an interview with Good Morning Americathe actress said a little more about her character: Ravonna will be good in season 2!

“I know there’s a season 2…I know I’m in it…and that’s all I can say!” responds Gugu Mbatha-Raw on the set of CMG. This statement comes as the next season of Loki is still lacking in detail. Having left the door open to develop several plot elements in future episodes, the first part of the series had also introduced a lot of characters, including that of Renslayer, alongside Mobius (Owen Wilson). Appreciated by the general public, she had left TVA, leaving the rest of her adventures free.

A sequel that the director Kate Herron would like to see on screen in the new season of the Disney+ series: “I love it ! Gugu always called her a home girl, which made me laugh, but she is. Ravonna is certainly an office woman, but before she was a kick-ass hunter! So I wonder what will be his destination… I wanted from season 1 to explore his memories. She’s a character who thought she had power and realizes she doesn’t. It was really powerful to give him at least some power in this scenario. So what are his personal memories? Who is she ?!‘”

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If few details have already been revealed about this upcoming season, we already know that Kate Herron will no longer be at the helm of Loki, without his successor being known. The release date also remains unclear.

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