Razzie Creators Admit They Shouldn’t Have Cast Shelley Duvall For The Shining


On the other hand, they assume their mockery of Stanley Kubrick!

Rewarding the worst films and performances in the cinema each year, the Razzie Awards named Shelley Duvall in 1981, during the very first ceremony, for his performance in shining by Stanley Kubrick. And because it’s better late than never, the founders of the Awards, Maureen Murphy and John JB Wilson, returned to this nomination almost forty years later. “I take back what I said about her”, Murphy said.

This is in light of the working methods of Kubrick, known for emotionally abusing Shelley Duval on the set of shiningthat Murphy decided to reconsider his decision concerning the actress. “Knowing the story of Stanley Kubrick and the way he pulverized it, I would take back what I said” she says to variety on the most controversial Razzie Award nominations over the years. Note that Brooke Shields finally won the title for her role as Emmeline Lestrange in The Blue Lagoon.

As for Stanley, the director remains nominated for shining (the only film of his career to have been cited at the Razzie) as the worst director of the year 1981. “The very first year voting members were largely people Maureen and I had worked with at a trailer company,” explains Wilson. “A group of us who had read Stephen King’s novel went to see shining the night it came out at the Chinese Theater, and we didn’t like what Kubrick did with the novel. The book was way more visually stunning, way more terrifying, way more compelling, and we couldn’t understand why anyone could buy a novel that had all of these visual possibilities and not do the topiary stuff, the snakes in the carpet, the visions children. (…) If you mean it’s shining, you must have some key elements that were not. And from what I understand, it was Kubrick who decided what they cut from the novel. So I don’t feel so bad about Stanley Kubrick.”

To Murphy to add: “I think this guy is overrated (…) he made a good movie, and that’s about it. And we’re ready to say: ‘Yeah, maybe it shouldn’t have been named.’ Everybody makes mistakes. That’s being human.”

As a reminder, the Razzie Awards take place each year the day before the Oscars and see their electoral body made up of 1,128 members from 49 states and more than two dozen countries around the world. This year, this electorate revealed their nominations on February 7, with the added bonus of the creation of a new category entirely dedicated to Bruce Willis, who has been doing action DTVs for some time. The winners of the rest of the selection will be announced tonight at the 42nd Golden Raspberry Awards Ceremony.

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