Reasons of State: Robert De Niro succeeds in his paranoid thriller [critique]

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The Good Shepherd, with Matt Damon and Angelina Jolie, returns this Sunday on Arte.

If he is very prolific as an actor, Robert de Niro made few films during his career: Once upon a time in the Bronx, in 1993, and State reasons, released in theaters thirteen years later. This one returns this weekend on Arte, and First recommend it to you.

When Martin Scorsese realized the talent of Robert de Niro

The story of State reasons : Edward Wilson, the only witness to his father’s suicide, was recruited by the CIA. Influenced by the paranoid atmosphere brought about by the Cold War, he becomes increasingly suspicious and becomes obsessed with his work, which alienates him from those close to him and from who he was before accepting this job.

For his second feature film, Robert de Niro gathered in front of his camera Matt damon, Angelina Jolie or Joe pesci for a rather well-rounded spy story. “He rediscovers the acute intelligence of the great paranoid fictions of the 1970s”, “makes the most of its heavy documentation job” and “leads into a labyrinth as tortuous as the shenanigans of the Secret Service“, we wrote in our review at its output. A skillful film, gripping and a beautiful dramatic intensity, which will therefore be visible again this Sunday on television. De Niro also revealed in 2020 that he would have liked give it a follow-up : “To be honest, I don’t see myself directing more than five films in my life, but I consider everything that comes my way. If I find something that excites me, or a good story worth filming, I’m ready to push. “tried to work again with Eric Roth, the screenwriter of State reasons. But unfortunately, the project did not start. I hope it will one day! Suppose someone approaches me, wants to spend their money and suggests that I do a sequel to State reasons, so I can tell you I’m going right away!

Here is an excerpt from the film:

Robert De Niro in Raging Bull: “I need to fully taste the experience of a transformation”

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