Red Notice: Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot do minimum service [critique]

The director of Dodgeball signs for Netflix a cartoony heist film very little inspired.

Red Notice aligns three of the most bankable actors of the moment in an almost pharaonic blockbuster. Mega casting and mega budget – $ 200 million, the biggest Netflix feature film of all time, it seems – for a funny object that features a profiler (Dwayne Johnson), unwillingly embarked on the heist legendary and priceless Cleopatra Eggs. He’ll have to team up with a mischievous art thief (Ryan Reynolds) to dub “The Madman,” the world’s most wanted thief (Gal Gadot).

A star-studded vehicle like no other, which zieut towards action comedy, the breakout film, the buddy movie (perhaps its most successful part) and the adventure film. In a more modest setting and slowing down the tempo a little, Red Notice could have been a perfectly funny cartoonish entertainment, atmosphere Benjamin gates Where The Mummy. But director / screenwriter Rawson Marshall Thurber (Dodgeball, The Millers, a budding family, Skyscraper…) Produces a barter and impersonal universe, preferring to rely on an exhausting succession of twists and action scenes against green backgrounds that put the retina to the test.

In the middle of this over-revving mess, ostensibly lost comedians: Dwayne Johnson is strangely extinct, Gal Gadot is doing minimum service as a femme fatale and Ryan Reynolds has turned on the autopilot. For a project that rests entirely on the shoulders of its stars, it’s a little strong coffee.

Red Notice, available on Netflix. Trailer :

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