Regular launch for The Eternals at the US Box Office

The latest Marvel scores roughly the same as Shang-Chi and Black Widow.

It’s supposed to be the MCU’s biggest event since Avengers: Endgame. A “game changer” in the world of Marvel, under the watchful eye of Oscar winner Chloe Zhao. Corn The Eternals didn’t move the crowds to US theaters this weekend. With $ 71 million in revenue since Friday, the new team of superheroes logically takes the head of the US Box Office, but without making sparks. His score is even below the projections of specialists, who expected an opening between 80 and 85 million dollars.

Les Éternels starts strong at the box office, for its first day in France

The Eternals is therefore not quite the cardboard envisaged by Marvel, and is squarely in the low average of the MCU, doing better than the old opus The Incredible Hulk ($ 55 million), Ant-Man ($ 57 million), Captain America: The First Avenger ($ 65 million) and Thor ($ 65 million), but worse than Shang-Chi ($ 75 million) or Black widow ($ 80 million), the other two Marvel hit theaters this year. Respectively, they finished their holdings at $ 418 million and $ 376 million, and that’s kind of a score that should do as well. The Eternals at the arrival.

Not quite a big Marvel hit, then. Despite everything, Chloe Zhao’s superhero movie still achieves the second best international launch of 2021, with $ 161.7 million in global revenue, since Wednesday.

At the US Box Office, The Eternals therefore settles in the lead, and outstrips Dune and James Bond. Released for several weeks, the two blockbusters held up well with 7.6 million and 6.1 million dollars in revenue over the weekend. Note that the other novelty, Spencer, the biopic on Diana carried by Kristen Stewart, made a small flop with $ 2 million in revenue, in a small fleet of 900 screens.

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