Remember … Last Summer: The Amazon Vs. The Original Movie Series

Remember ... last summer Amazon

It’s the same slasher, but not really …

No, this is not a sequel. Remember … last summer 2 (1998) already exists, and even Remember … last summer 3 (released directly on DVD in 2006)! This time, it’s a modern reboot that Neal H. Moritz, the original producer, has concocted with Sara Goodman, former showrunner of Gossip Girl. A well-chosen screenwriter to bring daddy’s slasher into the 21st century.

At the time, the biggest mission of I Know What You Did Last Summer was to shed his image of Scream-like. Often mocked as a cheap pop imitation of Wes Craven’s masterpiece, with TV starlets in search of a stint on the big screen (Jennifer Love Hewitt was a hit in Life at Five, Sarah Michelle Gellar in Buffy), the film has managed to establish itself over time as a classic of the genre. A hyper-efficient slasher, which therefore seeks to offer itself a new lease of life in 2021, in such a different context. Remember … last summer, the series, has just been released on Amazon Prime Video.

Today’s teens are no longer those of 1997. Everything has changed. Starting with the place taken in the 21st century by social networks. How to keep such a deadly secret at a time when everything hangs in the balance in a post? Screenwriter Sara Goodman knows this all too well, she who has played so much in PLL :

There was no social media at the time of the movies. It didn’t even exist. So it starts there. We live our lives so much more exposed than before “, does she analyze in “We think we know everyone, but in reality, everyone makes up a front persona on the networks. And I think, in a strange way, we’re all a little more isolated today than we were then. People have more secrets, more duality, different personalities, and it’s much more complicated to know who we are. Much more complicated than before. “

The tone of the series is therefore different from the film. The characters too. And even more, the narration offers some evolutions which rather pleased the American press: “The more the series progresses, the murkier things get. This succeeds in ensuring an unpredictable mystery that happens to surprise“, writing The Hollywood Reporter, which nevertheless tackles in the process the very silly message of this modern version: “If you get your head down in your butt, in a very egocentric way, you stop seeing who you really are. And all the more so your closest friends.. “

The rest of the critics hail the “twist“of the series which brings a real plus compared to the original, but that does not compensate “unfriendly characters, inconsistent tone and occasional cookie-cutter fears”, according to IGN Movies. As it finally sums it up The Wrap, this new adaptation of I Know What You Did Last Summer at least has the merit of being “a thousand times better … than the big screen sequels that we try to forget over and over again. “

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