Rémi without family: In interview, Maleaume Paquin (Rémi) has everything of a star seed

The beautiful adaptation of the French novel Sans famille by Hector Malot arrives on television. Meeting with the new Rémi.

During the last Sarlat 2018 festival, we met the actor of Rémi Sans Famille, Maleaume Paquin (the title role) accompanied by his director Antoine Blossier. A very nice meeting with undoubtedly a child who does not have his tongue in his pocket, whom we share again to wait until the film is broadcast, this Sunday at 9:05 pm on TF1.

The story of Remi without family is undoubtedly known to all, or at least those who were rocked by the TV cartoon. This weekend, she returns to the small screen with in the title role Maleaume Paquin (of which it is the first film) accompanied by Daniel Auteuil who plays Maestro Vitali, the acrobat who will “buy” Rémi from his parents. Antoine Blossier makes a very beautiful Christmas movie, without pretension other than to entertain families. Successful bet.

We had met the director and his facetious interpreter …

Rémi sans famille: A successful adaptation [Critique]

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