Reminiscence: Hugh Jackman goes back in time in the first trailer

Westworld co-writer Lisa Joy takes action with this sci-fi thriller that sounds like Inception.

In the near future when the world is suffering from rising waters, Nicolas Bannister (Hugh jackman) has found a great vein: it offers its customers the opportunity to dive back into their past by diving into a caisson. But escaping reality by shooting yourself with memories is not without risk. He will pay the price himself when he discovers that the woman he fell in love with (Rebecca ferguson) hides a violent past.

If the first images of Reminiscence make you think of Inception, it’s normal. This is the first feature film of Lisa Joy, who co-wrote the series Westworld with her husband Jonathan Nolan, and is therefore the sister-in-law of Christoper Nolan. A model all the more assumed as this sci-fi thriller is also released by Warner Bros. (August 18, 2021 in France). The trailer, unveiled today, in any case promises spectacle, suspense and a drawer scenario that should satisfy fans of the genre.

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