Remove me from a doubt: François Damiens without family [critique]

Remove me from a doubt is based on a great cast led by the formidable Belgian actor.

Tonight, France 2 is betting on Take away my doubta modest “dramedy” led by very fair actors, François Damiens in the lead.

With mom’s head and Wind in my calves, Carine Tardieu has imposed a particular tragicomic tone by taking hold of minimalist subjects whose depth is drawn by small sensitive touches thanks to her consummate art of portraiture. Sempé is never very far, in this way of telling the world simply, without pathos, with a good dose of humour. Co-writer of mom’s head and D’Take away my doubtMichel Leclerc (Name of people) also has a lot to do with the “Tardieu method”, which consists of having experienced actors play characters who have their feet on the ground and their heads in the clouds, between a strong sense of responsibility and poetic stupefaction, that the slightest grain of sand shakes.

Upset paternity

Here, the grain of sand is thick: at the age of forty, Erwan learns that his father is not his genetic father. For this Breton deminer, the news is hard to take, especially since his daughter is at the same time pregnant with an “unknown father”. If Tardieu spins the metaphor on thwarted paternity a little too conspicuously, she focuses above all on developing her gallery of characters, the humanity pegged to the camera and the modesty inscribed in the dialogues, never gritty or pontificating. It is served by a host of actors in tune with its delicate universe. We think of François Damiens but also of Alice de Lencquesaing, who confirms from film to film her prettily romantic nature.

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