Return to my mother’s house: the great success of Alexandra Lamy

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Back to my mother
Pathé Distribution

This comedy by Eric Lavaine attracted more than 2 million viewers at the cinema in 2016.

Sunday evening, the first channel will focus on a successful comedy: Back to my mother. The pitch? “Would you like to go back to live with your parents? At 40, Stéphanie is forced to return to live with her mother. She is welcomed with open arms: to her the joys of the overheated apartment, of Francis Cabrel on repeat, parts of Frenzied scrabble and precious motherly advice on how to sit at the table and lead her life … Each one will have to show infinite patience to endure this new life together. And when the rest of the siblings arrive for dinner. , settling of scores and family secrets will be unleashed in the most jubilant way. But there are salutary explosions. Welcome to a high-risk universe: the family! “

This film by Eric Lavaine (H, Incognito…) Is worn by two very popular actresses: Alexandra Lamy and Josiane Balasko. The current went so well between the premiere and the director that they quickly re-teamed to Spoiled for choice, but with less success: around 400,000 admissions in 2017 against 2.2 million for Back to my mother !

This film is also in Alexandra Lamy’s top 5:

1. Brice from Nice recorded 4.4 million admissions in 2005
2. Everyone standing recorded 2.4 million admissions in 2018
3. The unfaithful registered 2.3 million admissions in 2012
4. Back to my mother registered 2.2 million admissions in 2016
5. lucky Luke registered 1.8 million admissions in 2009

Alexandra Lamy: Return to Eric Lavaine

Alexandra Lamy, Josiane Balasko and Eric Lavaine re-team for the following, A tour of my daughter, which will be released on June 16. This time, it is with Carole (Mathilde Seigner), Stéphanie’s sister, and her husband Alain (Jérôme Commandeur) that the mother is going to drop off her luggage for work in her apartment. The couple being in full therapy, the moment seems badly chosen …

Trailer of Back to my mother :

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