Revenge of the Shrimp Shrimps: The teaser for the sequel to the LGBT comedy

Nicolas Gob and his colorful synchronized swimming team are putting on their costumes again this year.

Three years after its release in 2019, and having been selected at the Alpe d’Huez festival as winner of the Special Jury Prize, The Shrimps is back ! The LGBT comedy of Maxime Govare and Cedric Le Gallo offers itself a sequel in the form of revenge with Revenge of the Shrimp Shrimps, in competition again at the Alpe d’Huez festival this year.

Glitter shrimps take the plunge [Critique]

With showing Nicolas Gob, Michael Abiteboul, David Baïot, Romain Lancry, Bilal El Atreby, Roland Menou, Geoffrey Couët, Romain Brau, Félix Martinez, Yuliya Abiss, Iryna Mishyna, Benoit Maregial, Pierre Samuel and Oleksandr Ivanov, Revenge of the Shrimp Shrimps takes place two years after the death of Jean (Alban Lenoir in the first feature film).

Matthias (Nicolas Gob), the coach, decides to take Sélime, a young man from the suburbs he believes is gay, to accompany the Shrimps Pailletées to the Gay Games in Tokyo, a trip to pay tribute to their friend who left too early. But after missing their connection, they find themselves stranded in Russia, in one of the regions that is not the most gay-friendly in the world. The start of a crazy adventure as incredible as it is perilous.

This new plot, dated for April 6 in theaters, already has its first teaser, punctuated by the cover of the tube Oops! I Did It Again by Britney Spears:

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