Riverdale and The Flash are renewed

Riverdale - The Flash

The CW announces a season 9 and a season 7 respectively for these two popular series.

With a little delay, the series renewed by the American channel CW have just been announced. Among them, we find the 9th season of the series of Greg Berlanti: The Flash, dedicated to the DC superhero turned super-fast after an experiment gone wrong. Maybe the final, but nothing has been formalized about it. With this ninth installment, The Flash becomes the longest series in the chain, surpassing Arrow. The competing MCU franchise is also seeing a new season of superman and laws renewed by the same channel. The first 6 seasons of The Flash are available on Netflix.

Riverdal and The Flash will go on hiatus until March 2022

Other series renewed by the CW: Riverdale. The hit teen drama returns for a seventh season, still with Archi, Betty and their gang, in the small American village of the same name. And this time, there will be superpowers! A little hope for the fans: nothing, for the moment, indicates that this will be the end. In France, the entire series can be found on netflix.

Riverdale: the series should end after season 7

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