Riverdale season 6 will be on hiatus until March 2022

Riverdale season 6

The same goes for season 8 of The Flash.

Season 6 of Riverdale has not even started yet that we are already told that she is about to take a long break of several months.

Archie, Betty, Veronica and the others will launch their new adventures on Tuesday, November 16 in the United States (and the next day in France on Netflix. A fantastic five-part event titled “RiverVale”, marked by the presence of the witch Sabrina Spellman ( played by Kiernan Shipka) This will take us until mid-December and the series will therefore end, as is customary, during the holiday season.

Sabrina steals the show in Riverdale season 6 trailer

Except that she won’t be back for many weeks. The second part of this sixth season of Riverdale will be delayed until Sunday March 6, 2022 in the USA (and in France on Netflix in US + 24).

Same goes for season 8 of The Flash. After the event “Armageddon“, in 5 episodes, which will bring together a lot of superheroes from November 16, the Speedster will take a vacation and only return on Wednesday March 9, 2022 for the continuation of this 8th season.

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