Riverdale star KJ Apa reacts to series ending

riverdale season 6 ep100

“We can’t say we were very surprised…”

It had to stop one day: the stories of Riverdale will find a conclusion in 2023, at the end of season 7. The announcement – made yesterday by the American channel CW – did not really upset KJ Apa. The teen drama star, who plays Archie, entrusts to TVLine : “I was a little sad when I heard that… But I try not to think about it, because the more I think about it, the more real it becomes… Now I think a lot of us have it saw it coming. We knew that season 7 was most likely going to be the last season. So we can’t say we were very surprised…”

In the aftermath, his playmate, Camila Mendesalias Veronica, reacted on Twitter with this little message with a nostalgic flavor, which also underlines the fact that Riverdale will suddenly be entitled to a real end: “One more season to deliver the ending you all deserve. So much love to all the fans who were there from day one and never left. We wouldn’t have come this far without you!

There will indeed remain an entire chapter to see next year, knowing that the current chapter is not even finished yet: season 6 of Riverdale is currently airing every Monday on Netflix in France and will conclude in June.

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