Riverdale: the improbable death of the beginning of season 6 explained

Riverdale season 6

“In Rivervale, each character becomes, in a way, the darker version of herself …”

We knew that the producers of Riverdale were going to try something daring to launch season 6. But the first episode of the event “Rivervale” did not fail to surprise fans. Attention spoilers!

So exit Riverdale and welcome to the alternative small town of Rivervale, where things are even stranger than usual. Jughead and Tabitha’s new apartment is infested with bugs, and Cheryl and her minions have stuck a bunch of spooky dolls on sticks to keep the rest of town from getting into the maple syrup business. Cheryl also had her own festival where Archie won a bunch of competitions and that night he was summoned to Thorn Hill, where Cheryl bluntly said: “A sacrifice must be made. ” Archie was tied (logically) and a deer antler wreath was placed on his head… Then Cheryl stabbed him to death and ripped out his heart to show the other townspeople … all obviously happy to see Archie thus being the human sacrifice of this macabre ritual!

So what is this twist? Alternative reality or paranormal delirium? “Archie is really dead in Episode 2. And I’ll say this: this is just the start of the Rivervale death tally “, tease in TVLine the showrunner of Riverdale, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, confirming that his central character has indeed been killed. He also specifies in Variety, to cut short rumors, that “Archie is not in a coma because of the bomb at the end of season 5. “

Riverdale season 6 will be on hiatus until March 2022

The screenwriter explains in the process that he wanted “make these five episodes as fun as possible. We wanted a real event. Do a bit of a clean slate and present a fresh start, while staying “in the continuity”, which means that the things that happen at Rivervale are a sequel or echo of the events of Riverdale. Every year we start very disparate storylines, and we always try to weave them all together, and this year is no exception. I’m not going to talk about alternate universes or dreams or anything like that, but I will say that everything is really happening and we will take into account whatever happened in Rivervale afterwards, even beyond those first five episodes. “

Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa confesses that this event is limited in time “allows us to do things that could not be allowed to do at Riverdale normally. For example, Veronica and Reggie wanted to open a casino, and Rivervale allows them to explore this opportunity. I think if we had proposed to everyone to Riverdale to get together to sacrifice Archie, that would have caused a lot of talk! As it is, in Rivervale, it makes people tick but we can go to the end, push the characters a little further and go a little more to the extreme. So in episode 602 you will see different sides of Veronica and Reggie, you will see a different side of Tabitha and Jughead. Each character of Riverdale there becomes, in a way, the darker version of herself … “

In France, Riverdale can be viewed on Netflix.

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