Robbers: the series that hits the mark on Netflix (review)

Julien Leclercq takes again his film of 2016 to decline it in a series of a formidable effectiveness. The kind that knocks before talking.

It’s a genre that Julien Leclercq mastery to perfection. Since The Assault, a formidable reconstruction of the operation mounted by the GIGN to take over the Airbus A-300 from Air France in 1994, the French director has put his foot down as a specialist in action film that slams like a cudgel. With Robbers, in 2016, he had marked the spirits, imposing his raw style of stripping. And after Earth and Blood (already on Netflix), Leclercq signs today a first series which resembles him (6 episodes to be seen from September 24). For the streaming platform, the filmmaker has concocted a new version of his Robbers, with the same Sami Bouajila headlining, and that same belly rage that feeds a nervous realization to the extreme.

This time, Yanis (hero of the feature film) becomes Medhi. A discreet figure of organized crime in Belgium, this gangster who prepares his shots with surgical thoroughness has been rife for years with the support of his elite team. But the day his niece is kidnapped by a local drug dealer, he embarks on a merciless war …

Spectacular chases, impressive stunts and above all breathtaking heavy weapon “gun fight” sequences. It is again the sparkling cocktail of this serial variation of Robbers, a dynamited thriller with stinging violence, that would not deny a certain Michael Mann. In the vein of excellent Lost bullet (in 2020), this new original French production from Netflix is ​​done in sheer efficiency. Bullets whistle on every street corner. And with its staging at the John wick, Julien Leclercq plunges us into the heart of the action. An achievement that favors ultra-realism and follows its hero step by step with quivering excitement.

A cheerful modern western in which Sami Bouajila having fun as a bad boy cowboy. Hyper-charismatic, the actor Caesarized last March leads these Robbers with authority, as he was already wearing the film at the time. With his graying temples and catching coldness, he even now has a Liam Neeson side in Taken. Dry. Conqueror. Implacable. An anti-hero in the image of Robbers.

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