Robert Pattinson loose, the air of nothing, that he would like to play in the sequel to Dune

Soon the reunion of Timothée Chalamet and Rob Pattinson after The King?

Currently showing at The Batman, Robert Pattinson continues the interviews to promote the new film of Matt Reeves, the latest addition to the DC Comics universe on the Dark Knight. And if we know the habit of Pattinson to slightly talk salads during his interviews, we can only assume that one of his statements, rather unnoticed, is for its part full of truth. Asked by varietyRob has indeed stated that he would have liked, or would like to play in the continuation of the Dunes of Denis Villeneuvea huge hit when it was released on September 15, 2021 with 3,165,270 admissions in France.

“There were only two films – well, three now – that I wanted to make a sequel to: the films The Planet of the Apes, Sicario and Dunes. I saw both movies The Planet of the Apes in the movies and I thought what he could do with the mo-cap was just amazing. If he could do that with the face of a monkey, then he can get a performance from me too” indeed explains Robert Pattinson when asked what made him want to work with Matt Reeves. A nod to the work of Reeves, but especially to the work of Denis Villeneuve, behind Sicario and the new Dunes.

Denis Villeneuve talks about the filming of Dune 2, scheduled for this summer

If this sequel was done with Pattinson, it would mark the return to the screen of the Pattinson/Chalamet duo, noticed in The king of David Michod and available on Netflix. The actors played two enemy sovereigns. On one side, King Henri V (Chalamet) and on the other Louis de Guyenne (Pattinson).

But in the meantime, Pattinson is still playing The Batman, in theaters since March 2. He camps the orphan superhero there, prey to the enigmas of the Riddler (Paul Dano) in a Gotham larger than life.

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