Robin Williams resuscitated with flawless impersonation

Jamie Costa / Robin Williams
Jamie costa

Actor and impersonator Jamie Costa took on the features of the late actor in a promotional video.

August 11, 2014 Robin williams ended his life, leaving many orphaned moviegoers. Since his disappearance, the actor no longer appears in the cinema or on television other than through the films and series in which he had played. Having stipulated in his will that his image should not be digitally recreated before 2039 (25 years after his death), Robin Williams remained a genius actor whose memory endured, without possible rebirth.

Death of Robin Williams: the actor refuses to be resuscitated in digital

However, the actor and imitator Jamie Costa managed to bring it back to life during a promotional video, designed as a sales product to start a biopic project dedicated to the actor. Using only makeup and his game, Jamie Costa resuscitates Robin Williams for five minutes. And the least we can say is that the imitation is disturbing.

During these five minutes, Costa becomes the Williams of 1982, on the set of the series Mork and Mindy, learning that his friend John Belushi has been found dead. Imitations galore, laughter and posturing are replaced by sadness and deep silence. A great way to find the great Robin, humor and dramatic art.

Robin’s Wish: Robin Williams’ Last Days Documentary Trailer

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