Rocky IV: Director’s Cut trailer hits hard

Ivan Drago is even more scary, in this ultimate version, 40 minutes longer.

Rocky Balboa takes on the entire Soviet Union in Rocky iv, absolute emblem of 1980s cinema as a reflection of the Cold War. Thirty-six years after its theatrical release, the film offers itself a welcome little refreshment. And Ivan Drago has never been so scary …

MGM has uploaded the official trailer for this renowned Director’s Cut Rocky IV: Rocky vs. Draco ! Sylvester stallone had announced in the summer of 2020 his desire to release a new version of the film to celebrate its 35th anniversary. In the end, it took a year longer than expected (COVID requires), but here is what Rocky iv remodeled, which will feature 40 minutes of never-before-seen footage, including new footage from the Apollo vs. Drago game. Paulie’s robot will also be completely cut off from the edit: “The robot is going to be scrapped forever, no more robot “, commented Stallone.

Rocky IV: Rocky vs. Draco hits theaters on Thursday, November 11 for one night only, in the United States, in the presence of Sylvester Stallone, then will be entitled to a digital release on November 12.

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