Romance between Peter and MJ at the center of new Spider-Man: No Way Home teaser

“We’re going to get through this. And we’re going to get through it together!”

A new promo spot from Spider-Man: No Way Home just landed online. A short 30 second video, but which, for the first time, focuses mainly on the relationship between Peter Parker and his dear MJ!

While Tom holland and Zendaya come to formalize their couple in the city, their love story on the screen is magnified in this new trailer. The coincidence is beautiful. And we understand from this video that the relationship between the young genetically modified high school student and his girlfriend will be stronger than ever. “We’re going to get through this together!“do we hear Zendaya at the end of the teaser.

Spider-Man: No Way Home will be released on December 15 in France.

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