Ron Perlman talks to us about Hellboy 3 and his split with Guillermo del Toro

The 72-year-old actor explains why he wants to be able to complete his trilogy.

Almost 15 years after the release of the second opus, The Cursed Golden Legions, Hellboy has still not had the right to the conclusion of his trilogy. But the franchise of Guillermo del Toro, adapted from the comics, is not yet dead and buried. She survived the reboot worn by David Harbour, so Ron Perlman still wants to believe it… even if he admits that Guillermo del Toro is not on the same wavelength:

“We’re not talking about hell boy 3, Guillermo and I. He knows what I think and I know what he thinks. So, we don’t talk about it… well, sometimes… but very rarely“, confides to us the 72-year-old actor, whom Première met at the 61st Monte-Carlo television festival.

The Mexican filmmaker has since won an Oscar (for The Shape of Water) and continues with feature films, from Pacific Rim at PinocchioPassing by Nightmare Alley.

He turned the page, but I see things differently. I have the feeling that we absolutely have to finish this trilogy“, continues Ron Perlman. “Because our films Hellboy were thought to be in three parts. Except that we only made two! The story is not over. We have to tell what happens next (…) At the end of the second part, Liz is pregnant and she is expecting twins. But we don’t know if Hellboy will fulfill his destiny, which is to destroy the world, or will he go against it and pay for it with his life. That was supposed to be in the third film, but since there’s no hell boy 3…”

Guillermo del Toro has already put a definitive end to the rumor a few years ago, closing this chapter of his career. “It’s not so much that we have a difference of opinion on this subject, Guillermo and I, it’s above all that we have a difference of agendas! He does other things…“finish to explain Ron Perlman.

The actor is not at odds with the director, however, since he appeared in Nightmare Alley at the beginning of the year and will be one of the voices of the next Pinocchio from Netflix. Hoping again, that one day he will say OK for hell boy 3.

“I gave you my position. I never mean never…” concludes Ron Perlman.

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