Rory Kinnear scares Jessie Buckley in Alex Garland’s Men [bande-annonce]

The Black Mirror actor has several roles in the new film from the director of Ex_Machina.

If he holds few leading roles, Rory Kinnear is a familiar face in British cinema, seen most notably in Penny Dreadful, Dying can wait Where black-mirror. In the new movieAlex Garlandhe will still not hold the main role, since it is Jessie Buckley (I just wanna get it over with, The Lost Daughter…) who is the heroine, but he will be in almost all the plans, and this in the skin of several characters. It’s very simple: the young woman sees it everywhere in this trailer, and it scares her!

After a first teaser already intriguing and distressing, with this echo effect that disturbed Buckley as much as the viewer, this new montage is even more disturbing. The director ofEx_Machina and Annihilation continues to explore the darker sides of the human soul with this story of a young widow who cannot come to terms with the disappearance of her husband. When she moves to the countryside, a mysterious man makes her uncomfortable, and then a priest who has the same face hints that she had something to do with this suicide. Taking refuge at the bar, she continues to meet people who are all played by Kinnear. Is it a representation of his guilt? Or is he hiding a greater mystery? This very effective trailer gives goosebumps without offering an answer for the moment.

A24 has not dated yet Men. Patience…

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