Rose: majestic Françoise Fabian [critique]

The actress illuminates this beautiful first film by Aurélie Saada in her seventies, reconstructing her life and her loves after a painful bereavement.

Aurélie Saada has two loves. The song of course (solo as in duet with Brigitte alongside her accomplice Sylvie Hoarau) but also the cinema. Member of the Les Quiche collective (notably with Isabelle Vitari or Benoît Pétré, the director of Thelma, Louise and Chantal), authors of Foon, she had somewhat put aside this second passion in recent years … until Pink which marks his big debut in the making of a feature film. Rose, a septuagenarian who, after the painful loss of her husband, will rebuild herself by ignoring the stereotypes of a society that would like to find love – especially in arms much younger than her – to be forbidden to her. Aurélie Saada films here the reconnection of a woman to her own desires, the rediscovery at the age of 78 of who she really is with a generosity and greed that cross the screen. As gifted for group scenes as in intimate face to face, as comfortable in the field of comedy as in this ability to never arouse an emotion never forced, the filmmaker shines behind the camera and this sun radiates the tape of actors that she brought together: Aure Atika, Pascal Elbé, Gregory Montel and last but not least… Françoise Fabian. The heroine of My night at Maud’s transcends this character of Rose, embodies with incredible finesse and accuracy her metamorphosis as a somewhat erased wife who has always sacrificed her desires to those of her family as a free woman, finally daring to write her story in the first person singular. An exciting first film.

By Aurélie Saada. With Françoise Fabian, Aure Atika, Pascal Elbé … Duration: 1h42. Release December 8, 2021

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