Rouge: A very effective social thriller [critique]

Carried by an impeccable Sami Bouajila, this dive into the brutal world of the company is coupled with a beautiful story on a generational conflict.

Four years after the very nice Good Luck Algeria, Farid Bentoumi is rising in rank with this second feature film labeled “Cannes 2020”, once again worn by his “muse” Sami Bouajila. Bouajila whose incredible talent we never stop rediscovering, who even pays for the luxury of improving with age. The 54-year-old actor now exudes a wisdom that is immediately authoritative, his soft charm does not however exclude the passages in force, those which impose the fight. Some may remember the recent A son by Medhi Barsaoui where, in the face of personal chaos, his character managed to stay upright without ever giving up.

In Red, he is once again a father who does not see the turmoil coming down on his own certainties forcing him to react. Red, it is the color of blood, of revolt, of violence, it is also that of a gigantic chemical company posed like a battered ship in the middle of a threatened nature and humanity. Slimane (Sami Bouajila), union delegate of the company, but above all a good soldier, appeals to a management which sees in him the guarantor of blind dedication on the part of the employees. The arrival of her daughter (Zita Hanrot) as a nurse will shatter the balance of the whole. Articulated like a social thriller, the film is based on a detailed narrative and a subtle staging that never seeks to distort the honesty of intentions (the Dardenne brothers co-produced the film). The violence of the world must be recounted at the level of the contorted faces and the bodies which resist.

Of Farid Bentoumi. With: Zita Hanrot, Sami Bouajila, Céline Sallette …. Duration: 1h28. Released on August 11, 2021

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