Ruben Östlund: “Without filter is part of a story that happened to me at the Cannes Film Festival”

The director of The Square wins a second Palme d’or for Without filter (Triangle of sadness).

five years later The Squarethe Swedish Ruben Ostlund won a second Palme d’Or for Without filter. A prize that brings him into a very closed circle alongside Francis Ford Coppola, Shōhei Imamura, Bille August, Emir Kusturica, Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne, Michael Haneke and Ken Loach. In this film, he continues his ironic exploration of the human race through rich characters embarked on a luxury cruise. We had met him in the first days of the festival, the day of the presentation of his feature film.

Without filter, by Ruben Östlund, receives the Palme d’or: The complete prize list of the 75th Cannes festival

Are you happy to be at the Cannes Film Festival which could be a setting for your film with its debauchery of money, appearances, pretense…?

Ruben Ostlünd: Of course! Everyone secretly dreams of living in luxury. More seriously, I love to criticize the social group to which I belong. However, here in Cannes, this world of cinema is mine. The idea with my films is not to position myself in an overhanging position, nor to point the finger at particular individuals, but to have an overview. For Without filter, I started from a story that happened to me here, a few years ago. Back from the restaurant with my wife, we started arguing about the bill, like the couple at the start of the film. You can see that I am not a cynic who condescends to his peers. They all look a bit like me.

Without filter also talks about a couple in crisis…

Yes, and we can see here that love and the economy are closely linked. The relationship with money is at the center of the relationships of the young heroes, Carl and Yaya, it conditions their commitment to each other. Yaya initially sees herself as a kind of feminine trophy for her boyfriend. Later, when they find themselves on the island, it will be a question of fishing to survive. Feelings are perverted again.

The action of The Square mainly took place in a museum of contemporary art. In Without filter, we find ourselves embarked on a luxury cruise. The decor changes, not the subject…

If I tell you that the next one takes place on a long-haul flight, you will say that I am constantly making the same film and you will be right. Contrary to what you think, I have faith in the human species. She is capable of doing great things together. As a filmmaker, I love showing our monstrous part.

Without filter
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