Ruby Rose denounces the horror of the filming of the Batwoman series

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The actress, who left the series at the end of season 1, gives the real reasons for her departure.

The departure of Ruby Rose from the CW series Batwoman, created by Greg Berlanti and Caroline Dries, had fans in turmoil. The one who had left her character of Katie Kane in 2020 and had justified her decision with the injury she had done to her back and the time for reflection “imposed” by the quarantine (pandemic requires), returned to his words in a succession of Instagram stories where the actress denounces the shooting conditions of Batwoman and the real reasons that prompted her to quit the show.

Ruby Rose finally explains her departure from the Batwoman series

“That is enough” begins the actress in her series of testimonials. Posted on Twitter by Discussion Film, screenshots of Ruby Rose’s remarks highlight the mistreatment experienced by the actors, but also all of the people involved in this shoot: the liners, the assistants …

She tells for example the abuse of Peter Roth, who would have hired a private detective to overwhelm him, before firing said detective because his research was not conclusive to accuse Ruby Rose. He also allegedly forced her back on set ten days after the actress injured her neck, claiming that she would cost the studio millions of dollars by not working, and everyone else’s jobs. on set and working on the series. “For anyone who said I was too rigid on Batwoman, imagine going back to work ten days after that “ she explains, speaking of her injury, of which she posted photos on Instagram.

Expanding on his injuries, and those received by his colleagues, Ruby Rose adds that a member of the film crew would have been burned in the third degree in the face, in the total indifference of the film crew; she herself would have been injured in the eye in addition to her neck; a production assistant remained paraplegic due to her work on Batwoman… So many announcements that can incriminate the showrunners and creators of the series.

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Finally, regarding her possible return to the series, long requested by fans after the announcement of her departure and despite the reprise of the role of Batwoman by Javicia Leslie, Ruby Rose is adamant: “In conclusion, please, my dear fans, stop wondering if I will return to this horrible show, I will not return for any money or even if a gun is pointed at my head … “. Message received, no return from Ruby in sight.

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